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Frequently Asked Questions 

How fast can I get my degree?

How fast you can graduate depends on several factors, particularly how many credits you’ve received prior to attending Columbia College and your course load each semester/term. We are able to accept a total of 90 credit hours from any regionally accredited college or university including up to 24 training credits for completion of an approved state of federally-certified program. That means you can transfer into Columbia College with senior class standing, saving you time and money. You are required to complete at least 30 credit hours at the College earning 12 credits in your specific major.

How long will a particular program take me?

Reach our admissions team for all online and evening program questions—we’ll be happy to help you understand your options and can connect you with one of our faculty members to discuss the curriculum for the program.

When can I apply? 

Students can apply to Columbia College throughout the year. The Evening College has two start terms each academic year: Fall (August) and Spring (January). Our Online programs rotate on a seven-week module schedule allowing two start dates for each semester. Students are able to begin classes in their intended start term if they complete all required steps prior to the start date.

Online & Evening Admissions

How many credits can I transfer? 

You can transfer a total of 90 credit hours, including 24 training hours from approved organizations. We accept transfer credit in which you received a 2.0/C or higher, but we reserve the right to determine which courses meet the College’s current curriculum requirements. For example, we only accept transfer credits from regionally accredited colleges and universities. A complete transfer evaluation will be sent after acceptance into the College.

How to Transfer

Am I eligible for financial aid, scholarships, or grants?

We do not offer academic scholarships to online and evening students. However, you can apply to FAFSA for federal aid. If you are a SC resident and eligible for state aid, it will be applied to your award package. Visit our financial aid page for more info. 

Are online and evening students eligible for financial aid upon completing FAFSA?

Yes, online and evening students are able to complete FAFSA. Award amounts are determined based on the information inputted in the FAFSA form and can vary from student to student. Visit our financial aid page for more info. 

How often will I attend classes? 

Evening College classes are Monday through Thursday from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Individual class times and frequency of meetings will vary depending on your class schedule. Online classes are offered in an asynchronous format; this means there is not a set time students are required to attend classes. They are able to attend at their own pace.

What academic support and other benefits are available for online and evening students?

Both online and evening students have access to academic support. We offer online tutoring platforms as well as on-campus tutoring options. Students will receive e-books for each registered class to allow easy accessibility to the required material. In addition, our Columbia College faculty members are experts within their respective fields and are more than willing to schedule times to meet with students to assist in any way needed. Students will also remain with the same academic advisor for their duration at CC.

What computer and technical support is available for online students? 

Online students receive free e-books for each registered course and have access to our IT Department should they face a problem.

What’s the difference between Columbia College’s online and evening program?




Delivery Method Get your undergraduate degree completely online

Attend undergraduate classes on campus in the evenings

When to Enroll A new class starts every seven weeks A new class starts every fall and spring semester
Duration Finish in less than two years depending on number of credits transferred

Go at your own pace

Cost $395 per semester hour $395 per semester hour
Transfer Up to 90 credits including 24 training hours Up to 90 credits
Additional Benefits Free Textbooks In-person teaching sessions
Can I chat with an online and evening student? 

If you’re interested in enrolling or you have more questions about the process, we encourage you to reach out to our admissions team. We have counselors who specialize in helping online and evening students, and we can even connect you with students and professors.

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