Office of Multicultural Affairs and Community Resources

The Office of Multicultural Affairs & Community Resources (OMACR) includes Columbia College’s Diversity Officer and two staff members, the Director of OMACR and the Graduate Assistant of OMACR. The mission of OMACR is to foster respect for multiculturalism and an appreciation for the diverse experiences of our campus community while promoting access and equity for underrepresented students. The OMACR mission complements those of the College and Division of Student Affairs by providing support in four specific areas: diversity programs and services, community resources, international student support, and study abroad advising.

Diversity Programs and Services

To empower our community members to become culturally competent citizens, OMACR facilitates diversity and inclusion initiatives, including educational outreach programs for employees and students through the Diversity Peer Educator Program, DiversiTea Dialogue Series, and the Diversity Resource Room. OMACR programming also includes diversity trainings to increase multicultural competence and social justice awareness, which helps our students live and work successfully in an increasingly diverse world. Specifically for historically underrepresented students, OMACR offers support services and events such as the Minority Student Welcome and cultural heritage month celebrations in collaboration with student groups and organizations through the Multicultural Organization Success Team (MOST).

Community Resources

OMACR provides students with support and assistance addressing difficult life circumstances, such as basic medical concerns, financial struggles, family challenges, and navigating local transportation.

International Student Support

OMACR provides an orientation program for new first-year and transfer international students. Additionally, OMACR offers all international students support services, advising on immigration compliance, and social programs. By monitoring College compliance with federal immigration laws, OMACR can advise international students in resolving academic, financial, and personal difficulties in coordination with campus constituents. Beyond compliance with campus policies, the Principal Designated School Official (PDSO) and additional Designated School Officials (DSOs) can assist students in identifying appropriate external immigration assistance. Students can get involved with international student support services through the Diversity Peer Educator Program (DPE), Association for Multicultural Affairs (AMA), and the International Studies Association (ISA).

Study Abroad Advising

Students interested in studying abroad for a semester, for an academic year, or during the summer at one of our partnering exchange institutions may receive advising and assistance in planning the experience. Students interested in short-term service or research-based study travel may also contact OMACR for guidance. We provide program-specific information, including cost analyses and funding guidance; assist students and their academic advisors in preparing to assess the viability of the potential experience; and provide pre-departure and return education opportunities for students traveling outside the U.S. as well as inbound international orientation programs for students who choose to study abroad at Columbia College.